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Last year, I had sex for the first time. I was a virgin for so long, so you can imagine how ignorant I was when it finally came down to it. So because my BF at the time was experienced, I trusted him and let him have total control, not knowing that lotion should NEVER be used as a lubricant.

After a few weeks, I developed an itch. It became unbearable and I was so embarrassed. I visited a doctor and eventually discovered I had BV and Thrush. I was put on Diflucan (twice in the space of a month) It was so potent that shortly after, I developed an autoimmune disease called Leaky Gut Syndrome.

I can't even begin to tell you what I'm going through. Two years ago I was this confident, happy girl. Now I'm just so self conscious and so scared to get intimate with anyone because of BV and Thrush. When I make out with someone I'm so afraid of it leading to sex that I always back out.

I really want to try some of these remedies on this thread. I do try keeping my diet more alkaline currently and it works temporarily. But as soon as I try to get hot and heavy, my symptoms return.

I really need help. I am just so embarrassed and chronically depressed guys. I don't even want to date anyone because I know it will lead to sex and I can't do it. :(

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I hear what ur saying. That makes it hard. I read about some people drinking kefir yogurt. Its really tart and expensive but its what helped me. I also take a pills called nature made digestive probiotics + multivitamins for women. So its 2 pills 30 day supply. With drinking 1 cup of the kefir yogurt and combination of the pills. My symptoms have cleared up drastically. It took a few days to work. But no problems since. For immediate results u could soak in a warm bath with apple cider vinegar and thats clears up symptoms right away. Didnt cure me tho. Also find out what are ur triggers. Coffee, sweets, and junk food can play a role. Coffee is a big one for me. With one cup it throws things off and ill get symptoms if not later that day but for sure the following one.


Hi there,
I've been battling this for years. I haven't addressed my diet yet but what has worked for me is H2O2 (3% hydrogen peroxide douch) I know douching is bad, but doing the 1/2 H2O2 and 1/2 water douche takes the symptoms away immediately. So when I'm intimate with my new BF (who is a doctor by the way and I haven't even told him yet what I battle with, I'm still to shy to share that info) I do the douch before I see him and all is well. I know I need to address the diet and also do those affirmations that one of the ladies posted. Good luck w ur healing!


You need to face what happened. Dating does not have to lead to sex just like it does not have to lead to marriage. Take back the control in the form of educate yourself Doctors do not judge they are paid employees that work for us. Learn about sex proper tools and never again lose control of your life. Love does not have to be blind, yogurt does help but talk to a doctor. You have a lot going on here and you need to address. I also would like to tell you that man was an idiot do not allow anyone to put anything into your body. You bring the condom, you provide what you need because men will never know. I have been married for over 20 years to a lovely man and he does not have a clue. Bless his heart he tries... We all have our stories not a women alive that doesn't quit beating yourself learn then live. Good Luck


Hey there, I have been battling with bv for 5 years. I discovered I had it after my daughter was born. I have been to the gyn who has prescribed me all kinds of medication but the symptoms just returned. What I have been doing for the past 4 years is the hydrogen peroxide douch. I know it's not good but under the circumstances I had no choice. Me and the father of my daughter are no longer together and he new about my situation. My bf now knows.

Anyway not to ramble on but before intercourse I would douch and after I would do it again. I told my bf I wanted to try without the douch treatment and he said okay. The crazy thing is there was absolutely nothing. No odor no nothing. I didn't change my eating habits or take those probiotics even though I did like 4 years ago. But I guess by me doing it for so long it helped. Try the 1/2 water to 1/2 peroxide. It is a quick fix. I hope this helps you.


saskia. im so sorry. i too hav stomach problems n dnt digest food properly and 70% of our immune system is in our stomach. so i hav a weak immune system n get sick often and infections. therefore im constantly on antibiotics. now i hav bv off and on constantly and tolerance for antibiotics so they dnt wrk other than to cause more bv. im a self conscious person by nature n get really paranoid and embarrassed even tho my partner and i hav been together 12yrs. hes not very understanding or sympathetic either. wat i wuld like to say is. first, hookups r a bad idea cuz the guy wnt understand n just think ur gross or hav an std. u need to get one boyfriend whos sweet enuff to wait a few wks before gttn the goods. if hes willing to do that for u and get to kno u first, hell b more understanding of ur situation. second of all the things ive read on home remedies, cuz prescribed antibiotics will NOT wrk more than temporarily, ive personally been taught n experienced douching is bad for ur vaginal health. can cause P.I.D.ur shoving water up into ur uterus. however i do think soaking a tampon n the rite kinds of bacterial yogurts or solutions of half peroxide and half water and inserting for half hour vaginally day will help cure it and get rid of smell before foreplay and sex. im just now starting my quest for homeopathic remedies for this n am willing to share with u wat i learn along the way. women with this seemingly INCURABLE HUMILIATING DISEASE need to stick together and help eachother out and support eachother cyz its gross n most men and partners do not understand. here is my email if ur interested n ill keep u updated on my findings. call me pandora its an online nickname cuz i hav terrible luck lol.


Hey I advice any one that's going through this try the home remedies because the docs don't really care and their meds don't help as well. I researched and came across the ACV( apple cider vinegar) and water theory. The first day I pour half and half in a tub and sat in it for 20-30min. There was no smell and less discharge. Day 2 I did the same thing. Even less discharge. The 3rd day I didn't have time to sit in a bath so I showered and soaked a tampon in 50/50. I inserted it for 2hr. I did this for a whole week even when I didn't see anymore discharge. I have been feeling much better. No discharge. No smell and no itching. Think god cuz what my doc gave me didn't work and I even took out my iud. Plz look for home remedies after your doc diagnose u because they really work and I will recommend acv to anyone with this condition. Plus I stop washing my vagina with any soap. Wash the vagina with rag and water before u apply soap to it and if u have to use soap use extra sensitive and pH balanced soap. It has worked miracles for me.


Try making Weston Price's soup in a crock pot. It is called bone broth. Use a garlic press after it is made to put some fresh garlic in it, raw lemon, and olive oil, each time just before eating. This soup should heal a leaky gut. Buy organic ingredients and use glass jars to store it in. If you have questions you can text me. 248-881-1912


Don't feel bad. Every and I mean EVERY girl has had or will some vaginal hygiene stuff happen. Also, having sex for the first time as is sucks 99% of them time. Seriously, having an awesome first experience is freakish. Be happy that you're learning to take responsibility for your health.

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