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For sure cure

I have dealt with boils since I was a teenager I have tried everything and anything I even went so far as to let a friend take a razor and lance it but a few years back I had to have a hysterectomy and my doctor told me I needed to start taking a daily vitamin since I have been taking this I haven,t had a boil until I run out and miss them several days a older Dr at the er once told me that a person was lacking a vitamin and he had lance a carbuncle on my hip he couldn't get all the heads out I couldn't stand the pain but he said that the heads would go from one side of my hip to the other until the head came out and I believe it I had to have several cut out but I believe that it is something to do with your body lacking something because a person no matter how clean their body they will continue to get them also lysine a vitamin will also stop them from coming on you if you start feeling them swell up start taking these and dont bother it the boil will go away the one thing I know for sure if you mash them before they head it will keep getting bigger and more painful but just try taking a daily vitamin and see how well it works a lot of the older people knew more than then the young doctors

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This is seriously painful to read. I would rather have a new batch of boils pop up on my ass than try to decipher this string of words again!


What vitamin did you take

Word Nerd

LOL I really wanted to understand this but you weren't clear at all. PLEASE punctuate to convey your message or it gets lost in decipherment.

Emily vasquez

PEOPLE I HAVE THE SOLUTION FOR THE BOILS.!!! I suffered of boils for about one year and six months. Very painful!! And frustrating!! Until I found the solution. BURDOCK ROOT!! Is amaziiiiing clean the blood and your skin will look much better. You can read about it online. Hope this helps :)

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