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Well I have had this since I was early twenties, I read about applying an ice cube directly on the site as soon as you feel that tingly sensation. I literally just had the situation and I immediately grabbed a cube and a few others and it cured it before the blister happened. They say that you shouldn't apply it directly because it can cause harm. I have not had any harm since doing this and I am 39. When you feel the tingly sensation, you grab a cube or if you're at work, go on a break. Put the ice directly on the site and wait for the burning sensation to kind of fade. I would say until you feel numb and hold it a longer until you feel that's you killed the virus. I usually keep it on the site for more than 20 min.

Now, the site causes heat and so does your breathing, so you will need more than 1 ice cube. Keep a constant pressure while you feel the burn,it will stop burning after a bit, but don't stop. After about 8 to 10 mins, remove the ice (if the ice melts before the time, apply another).. If you still feel that sensation, apply it again immediately and keep doing the same steps until you only feel like something died under the spot. If you remove the ice and see a raised bump, apply the ice again immediately and keep it there until you don't feel that sensation. Just because your spot is numb, doesn't mean you killed the virus. The virus dies under cold extremes and hence why the ice works. I would recommend that in between the first time you switch ice cubes that you wash your face with cold water. It can spread if the smallest blister burst. Well hope this helps and mind you, I think this only applies if you have the less extreme herpes or cold sores.

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