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hi, i have been suffering from toothache for the longest i could i looked up for home remedies that could help but today i decided to do a little twist to these remedies...i actually mixed what i consider the best remedies...all you need is some grind pepper,salt,garlic powder & make a paste & apply it to the tooth that is aching & wala...toothache is gone...hope it helps you guys

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My husband is trying it now and says it's working. His tooth has ached all weekend. Thanks!

Lady c

My tooth was throbbing like crazy.I was miserable,I saw this post tried it,and it's like it never was's like a miracle..THIS REALLY WORKS.THANKS


My husband has been suffering since Easter I made this for him to try and he's pain free. He said to say that your the bomb! Thank-you


Tried this yesterday after feeling like my mouth was being slowly ripped away from my face and it works! Thank you for posting.

Questionable man 333

Can u use garlic salt as a substitute fr garlic powder and if so can u add baking powder to make it paste like


I lost a filling in my tooth and it started hurting. I found something called Dentemp at Walmart. You dab it in the cavity and it sets up hard after a couple of hours and stops the pain until you can get to the dentist. It worked for me.

Kim C

omg thank you for helping me. I was in so much pain

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