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A couple of months ago I discovered I had genital warts. At first I thought I had a skin tag but the longer I waited the more I realized they weren't just skin tags. I also did something INCREDIBLY STUPID. I PICKED IT OFF. The next day I could see that there were millions of little bumps where the blood had ran. Of course, I freaked the fuck out. I am not here to give you a remedy. Because I feel like there should be more stories on here that don't always end with '....annnnd now they're gone!'. Firstly, I would like to say that you aren't alone. It has been really hard for me to tell ANYONE about this and most of you might feel the same way. So just keep in mind that there are MILLIONS of other GOOD people going through the same thing you are. I am not the kind of girl that sleeps around a lot but I made the mistake of not using a condom ONE TIME and that's really all it takes. I am here to tell you to calm down and things will be better, there really are worse things that could happen. This is a virus and this also just happens to be a strain you cannot get rid of no matter how many immune boosting supplements you down. Although that is true, I don't want to seem like I know everything and anything about GW... because a month ago I was scouring the internet just like you are or did. The most raved about remedy is Apple Cider Vinegar especially by Braggs. I have tried this and because mine where everywhere I took a paper towel soaked in Braggs ACV and for three days I would hold that over the entire area for at least 15 mins. And yes, I know 'you're supposed to leave it on longer' well I honestly did not want to chemically burn myself so I went the slow way with a lot less pain. The next day I did notice a lot of white but I did notice that a tiny little bumps were gone. long story short I continued this for 3 weeks and decided that I shouldn't do it topically anymore because it was burning more healthy skin than infected skin so I just decided to drink 1-2 Tbsp of it everyday. In addition to this, I have added 1000IU vitamin D3 to my daily multivitamin list as well as 500mg of B12 (I think!)as well as 500mg of fish/krill oil and try to drink as much water as I can. In addition, instead of putting the ACV topically I slather coconut oil (another one people talk about a lot) all over at night and some in the morning. And I need suggestions... they aren't going away and actually three more have popped up and the 3 existing ones are getting bigger. I have been debating spot treating them with ACV but I don't know if I should wait it out? or if I should stick to what i'm doing? or if i should add spot treating as well... I'm freaking out.. Im healthy I eat relatively clean, drink mostly water and, work out everyday. Has anyone not been able to get rid of theirs? has anyone had any recurrences? any type of answer will be greatly appreciated. thank you.

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I tried a treatment where you crush up 40-50 aspirin and mix with a couple of teaspoons of ACV with The Mother. You basically are trying to get it to a toothpaste consistency. I used this for a week, applying it with band-aids and gauze(I am a guy)- and within five days of adding it 2-3 times per day, and the warts had turned white and were dying. Within the next five days, they had died and were gone.

I had a similar situation where I trusted someone and went unprotected. It will be a lesson that I will learn for a long time from what I have read. Good luck! I really hope that you find a solution that works for you, and that life becomes normal again.


Definitely don't just leave them. Spot treat them with something even if you only do one big one at a time. I stopped using acv and I stick with peroxide and teatree oil when I have an outbreak now. I've tried it all and this has been the most effective for me. I have an outbreak 2-3 times a year and it usually last 2-3 weeks with ms doing daily teatree oil and peroxide treatments. I squeeze peroxide over them at home and wear a teatree soaked cotton ball on them all day. I stop wearing it when they turn black and start to rub off in the shower. Right now, in doing an aldara treatment for one really stubborn one. K haven't tried aldara since my first outbreak so Im hoping it works, but its definitely taking longer than usual. Good luck! Oh and take lots and lots of vitamin c, B complex, and echinacea. Things wl get better and one day hopefully there will be a cure for this.

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