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After 6 weeks of dental treatment to fix my teeth, including 4 extractions 6 restorative fillings and a root canal, two of the areas where the teeth were extracted got dry socket. If you think that tooth pain is bad wait until you get a dry socket, it is the most excruciating pain I have ever had. After 2 weeks of taking panadol and codine every 4 hours and asprin every 4 hours between. The only thing to ease the pain was oil of cloves applied to the area by putting a few drops on a cotton ball and insterting it into the socket. Before rinsing with salty warm water. I was able to cut back on the pain killers drastically after doing this. I went back to the dentist who cleaned the area with peroxide and packed it with some stuff that that was like oil of cloves. Seriously if you experience these symptoms get to a dentist straight away for treatment don't delay it the pain will only get worse! If you can't get some oil of cloves and apply to the area.

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I've had a dry socket for a week now, and have been going to the dentist the last 3 days for flushing and medicated paste. It doesn't seem to last long, so have been applying clove bud essential oil, from Planet Organic directly on it. I've gone from about 10 Tramadol and 6 Advil a day, to extra strength Tylenol and Advil. The clove oil has saved my sanity!!!


That stuff the dentists pack your hole with IS oil of clove. Only they have a few extra goodies in there to so it will heal properly.

Lacking a dentist get some oil of clove!


You can bet it for sure works my sister is into all natural things and put a drop clove oil on the place where the dry socket is it's working wonderful I rinished w warm water and half teaspoon salt before the clove oil believe me100\\% it works it takes away all the pain you'll be glad you did.

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