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I was so relieved to have come across this site. I have been suffering from BV for almost 2 years now, after seeing my ob/gyn several times and receiving the same treatment (metro gel) I've come to realize that I need a more potent remedy.

I followed some advise I found on this forum and I would like to share what I did to resolve the recurring, disgusting, depressing situation!

First I douched with just plain peroxide, and douched again with a mixture of distilled water and apple cider vinegar 50/50. I drank a cup half dilluted with distilled water and apple cider vinegar, and then inserted 1 500 mcg vitamin c with rosehips into my vagina and left in it in for 2 hours. After 2 hours passed I removed what was left over of the pill and within the hour my BV symptoms were gone!! Believe me I ran home and had sex with my boyfriend countless times! I've never felt so clean, confident and sexy in the past 2 years.

For 5 days I continued to insert the vitamin c pill into my vagina every morning to ensure this method worked and the symptoms were gone.

To maintain overall good pH and balance, I am considering inserting a yogurt soaked tampon into my vagina at least once a week.

Please try what I did if you are suffering from BV like I was. Good luck to all of you who are experiencing this horrible situation, there is a cure and ob/gyn prescribed medications arent one of them!

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Thank you so much... This page sounds very promising and I been dealing with this discharge that never went away for 3 years now after spending so much at gynecologist. I never tried home remedies because I thought meds were stronger but clearly its working for others and I definitely will try. Hopefully this works for me as well as it. I love the whole 'ran home to have sex with my boyfriend' I haven't felt sexually confident in years thank u :)


Thank you so much I have been battling a month or so and even though my doctor said it's on the way out it's so annoying I will try this method with yogurt.thank you.and ill try vitamin c

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