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I am 59 yrs old, and was a professional musician for 30yrs. I was gifted with great ears,then in 2010, I just couldnt hear properly.I was diagnosed with hearing loss above 4k, with constant ringing,,tinitus. A week ago, I lost almost all of my left ear hearing! Urgent care doc said I might have a sinus infection so he gave me antibiotics and omnaris spray. Its been 8 days and no relief,,,I am going crazy Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Ask your Dr. About menieris. I have it . Hard to get a diagnosis oasis. Water pill helps and no caffeine.


Hello ,

My family uses this and it has helped so many ppl ... I hope it helps you too

Find Marjoram plant (It's called Marwa in Hindi and Arabic) .... Get it's leaves and squeeze out the juice ... Pour this juice with the help of a spoon in your ear. Let it stay for 5 mins.

It has worked magic for my uncle who almost lost his hearing from both his ears and had a ringing sensation.


It is a rare complication after flu shot, if you had one prior to this happening


Hi Brian, I know this thread is a couple of years old but hopefully you still get the notifications and hopefully your hearing is better. Tinnitus can be caused by low magnesium. It's an easy inexpensive supplement. Do not use mag oxide it's for constipation. It may take a few months of daily supplementation to lessen or stop the ringing. Coffee also depletes mag so I take extra mag so I can still drink my coffee... hope this helps - I'm also a musician with hearing loss (from childhood)

all the best

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