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In the past 7 weeks i have been to the gyno 4 times for this horrible BV. I tested positive for it 3 times and was on 3 rounds of antibiotics both oral and suppository. The BV is gone now, but unfortunately I am still suffering from the itchy sore and uncomfortableness that comes with it.i never noticed a smell, i just thought i had a yeast infection. but i got tested and it was BV. My doc said she doesnt even notice anything wrong. I have been to two docs now! after 4 weeks of antibiotics, im still miserable. My OBGYN sayed last week i have 'few' Lactobacillis (not sure how you spell it) and it just 'takes time' to get your PH back to normal :(. So at this point i have tried EVERYTHING. i am eating lots of yogurt !! I did the regular 500mg vitamin C and OMG it burned , i had to go home from work and take a bath, it was horrible!! so i switched to the one with Rose hips and only did 250 MG, i got the vegan one at central market. At this point i am desperate so i dont care if it burns!! and the next day i was feeling alot better. i also did apple cider vinegar bath for about a week, braggs brand with the mother. and that helped alot too. A epson salt bath helped as well with the soreness. its still lingering right now and not 100% better. but i got this ointment at whole foods called V-majic, this helps alot with the vulva pain and itching. You can buy it on amazon as well and it is all natural! i get so tired of all those chemicals! also i have been doing just the 250 mg vitamin c with rose hips every night and i hope i will be 100% better soon!!

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Nobody mentions it burns!!! The fifth time I did the apple cider vinegar, it hurt so much it felt like a UTI for the next 24 hours. But I hope that means the pH in my body has returned to normal?? We will see....


Try rubbing coconut oil for the soreness its natural and should help.


Hydrogen peroxide douch works for me. 1/2 H2O2 and 1/2 water. Good luck. Also check ur diet, no sugar or coffee. But u may have other triggers. I have to douch everyday but that may be because I need to look at my diet and supplement. I love coffee too much.

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