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Update 8/17/2015: Got laser-surgery on the 13th, they cauterised the internal warts. I am still sore and bleeding from my anus, but the warts seem to be gone. They removed four. Going back in a few days for post-op check up, will update then.

Be careful with ACV, dilute with water if needed, and use Neosporin/triple antibiotic-ointment after the treatments.

Be safe, don't fret too much, things will get better eventually.

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How much money did you spend ?


$500 copay after insurance.


How did the healing go? How bad was the pain from the surgery?


Hi. Don't know if you're still on this post but want to give it a try. what kind of doctor did you go for your laser surgery for your internal anal wart? I recently got anal warts. I just started doing freezing with liquid nitrogen. I think I have internal wart too so I want to find the right doctor for it. I live in Las Vegas if you know any. Thanks!

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