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I popped a pimple on my labia about a year ago. The pimple itself was pretty big and hurt as it was in a sensitive spot. When it came to a head, I popped it, and felt immediate relief. Shortly after that I noticed a very small part of extra skin, like scar tissue. Over the past year I have noticed it growing, really slowly. The other day I grabbed a mirror to check it out and realized it was now a little smaller than a dime, and had two 'heads' attached to one stalk.Not painful or irritating at all, just embarrassing to explain to sexual partners.
After hours of researching to confirm it was definitely a skin tag, I decided to try the tie off method. I tired a string around the base, and tightened it. It pinched a little, but not bad at all. I went to sleep and woke up about 9 hours later. I could feel that the tag was irritated, almost a throbbing sensation, not quite painful, but uncomfortable. I grabbed a mirror to check it out. One of the heads was very dark, almost black, while the other was very dark purple but not quite as dark as the other. I again turned to the Internet where I found loads of information saying that the removal of skin tags can be painful, and to take ibu and clean the area regularly. I hope it falls off soon, or I get the courage to try to snip it off, because it's obviously in a very sensitive area ava when I walk, the two ends of the string get pulled. I'll update as things progress

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