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You could have multiple factors causing your bad breath. I've had bad breath (mainly feces and fart) for decades; but for many years, I traveled for work, and spent several hours a day alone. Recently, I've landed a job where I'm surrounded by co-workers; and after hearing 'Who crapped their pants?' comments, repeatedly, and doing the math; I determined I was the cause. I was heartbroken. Especially on days I thought I'd done an adequate cleaning, and still heard remarks. I began researching the topic. Some more serious issues can be gastrointestinal, but more often than not; it's tooth decay, decaying food particles, or post-nasal drip giving the bacteria a chance to proliferate and produce bad breath. I attacked each individual element to kick my problem. My daily regimen for mornings and evenings, in order: 1) Brush THOUROUGHLY. 2) Floss THOUROUGHLY. 3) Tongue scrape with a good, metal tongue scraper. 4) Use a water-pick to blast out the remaining food, floss didn't get. I had especially bad breath once, after grilling steak a few days prior. The comments were flying, so I went home and did a cleaning. When I water picked, a piece of steak fell into the sink. It was lodged behind my bottom, rear, right-hand tooth. 5) Use a saline nasal rinse to flush your nasal passages. Allow some of it to trickle down your nasal passages into your throat to flush bacteria down into your stomach, or spit it out. Nasal rinse will also flush out allergens that stimulate post nasal drip. Bacteria chow down on mucus draining in the back of the throat, and as a side effect, create poop odor. This is an oft overlooked area. Staying hydrated will facilitate normal, healthy mucus drainage and keep bacteria from getting a foothold. A dry mouth and dehydrated body is counterproductive. 6) Use mouthwash. 7) At bedtime, chew an oral probiotic. Also, brush on your lunch break, after you eat. As your mouth becomes cleaner, you'll actually begin to taste poop breath when it arises. That's how I noticed the post nasal drip problem. Before, I never tasted my bad breath; but there it was one day, when I swallowed. There are drops on Amazon you can purchase to drip into your nose, between cleanings, that will attack bacteria in the nasal passages and throat. See a dentist regularly to deal with bad teeth, wisdom teeth, and decay. Keep in mind, after doing all of this, I still sometimes have bad breath. Find some good gum. If this seems like a lot of work. It is, but it’s war. Attack it on several fronts.

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