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I've tried every home remedy (ice, nail polish remover, toothpaste, etc) and NOTHING ever worked and the sore would take at least 8 days to look somewhat normal with make up. Woke up Sunday with a blister already forming. Got a script for Valtrex but the sore was already big and noticeable. Read this sight with the same old ice/toothpaste/salt etc suggestions that don't work for me until I saw a remedy for egg protein. I peeled the inside white part of an egg and put it on the sore. As it dried I could feel it 'throbbing' underneath. When it dried it was very white and stayed stuck to the sore pretty well. I peeled it off and the sore seemed to be smaller and flatter. I kept putting new egg protein on the sore and each time it got better and better. It seemed to fast forward to the healing stage. Today is Friday (5 days in, usually at its worst, most noticeable stage) and I just used egg protein again and now it's almost completely gone. Easily covered by make up so I can go to work tonight and not feel like everyone is staring at me. Not many remedies work past the tingle stage but this worked and is still working today. Please, please try this I would love to know if it works for others. Also, unlike putting toxic chemicals on your lips/face the egg protein doesn't harm the surrounding skin making the problem worse.

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Was it cooked or raw egg?


Yes, raw or cooked egg?


Its raw. I used it and it works!

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