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I went to the doctor and got aldara cream to rub on my anus. It seems to be working after just a week as the two or three warts I had have nearly all disappeared and my ass looks nearly normal now. I still have another week left with the cream I have and want to get more after that probably. I also live in China and the doctor here said I should have laser surgery. I am not ready to do this as I don`t trust hospitals here 100% Whether you have the surgery or just use the cream, the hpv virus is still in your system. I suppose if the warts hurt a lot you should have the surgery but I would hold off. I guess people respond to different treatments though. Just sticking with the cream for now and eating as healthy as I can, etc.

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Jay Jay

pls what is aldara creame? How can i get it?


I believe it is prescription only. I got it from a doctor.

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