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I've have two skin tags left from hemorrhoids surrounding my anal area. Two years in and many doctors visits where they all tell me the same thing, it's a cosmetic problem. Finally decided to use tagband removal kit. First off tying it correctly on the skin tag yourself if extremely difficult! I can't seem to get the base of it so I'm cutting off in sections. I hope this works just as well. The top half is now dead and I was able to clip it off. So I reattached a new band and I think I got most of it this time. First round was painless and a piece of cake. Second round on the other hand has me in excruciating pain! I am on heavy pain meds and they don't seem to help much. This is only day one of it. Hoping the pain gets better by day 2 because idk how long I can stand this pain. It makes my legs numb with pain and even makes my vagina hurt a little (TMI I know). But any suggestions for pain?

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thanks a lot!


Tea tree oil will remove skin tags without and pain just wet it everyday with the oil until it falls off

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