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Someone please help me. I have 2 skin tags right at the hole of my anus. One is about the size of a pea and the other half that. they are tender and painful when i poo or touch them too much. I have tried everything to get rid of them. went to the doctor, she said they were too small to do anything and no doctor would touch them. I tried freezing them with a at home wart freezer, i tried ACV, it just burnt, i cant tie them with floss because the base of them is too large and i cant wrap it around. i looked at professional removal but it costs way more than i could afford. i would just cut them off but i am afraid of too much bleeding?
the doctor said they are a result of hemorrhoids and i have none now but just skin tags. my poo is kinda hard but its small, if that makes sense. i have also tried everything to make it soft, magnesium helps a bit but i never have very soft poo.

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I had an anal skin tag for years and my doctor removed it surgically. Please don,t try to deal it with yourself because it may cause too many complications. Good Luck.

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