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Eugenol, or clove oil, will help and you can buy it in the oral care section of most drugstores. Also, ice your jaw and cheeks throughout the day and at bedtime. Eat soft foods and keep the area clean to assist the healing process. I also started taking Vitamin D & E pills and also drank lots of herbal tea to boost my immune system. It took just about 8 weeks for my mouth to start to feel normal again. Only time will truly help. Hang in there.

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Everyone who suggested Packing Clove Oil in your tooth was dead on!! I Lost my mind for about 3 days.. Then I purchased the Clove oil. With in an hour I was SOMEWHAT normal again. As time passed and I did the packing on a daily basis, I returned to the human being I once was before Dry Socket. This is the worst pain I have EVER experienced in my LIFE! Get the Clove Oil.. It's the only way to survive Dry Socket!!!!

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