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My boyfriend has bad RLS & had to take a Parkinson's drug that drove him nuts. We found that if he takes a multi vitamin with zinc & magnesium for 2 weeks, his symptoms go away. Massage helps a ton too. If he sits it a chair for too long being cerebral, a massage helps him focus her nerves back onto his skin & muscles. He took some gummy vitamin cuz they tasted good, that didn't have magnesium in it, & the restless leg came back. Now herakes a multi, light regular exercise, adds a vitamin shake if he has symptoms, but pretty much he's cured. If he gets the figits, I scratch his back & he's good. I think it happens to cerebral people a lot. They need to get out of their head & get some sun, touch & feel their body/skin vs. just being a brain & nerves doesn't work. A good massage can cut through a bad cycle but the multivitamin is what really keeps it at bay.

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