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Many people suggest apple cider vinegar and I would love to use it- how simple! But for those of us who color our hair, especially to hide the gray, apple cider vinegar strips your color! My routine that does work for me and my expensive color job- brush scalp with copper bristle brush (88% effective in killing fungus that causes dandruff) for 5-7 minutes, add natural remedy scalp oil (try 'Best of Nature' 'Dry Scalp Oil' or 'Natural Transitions' 'Ooh! Dry Itchy Scalp Relief') or make your own with carrier oils like coconut, jojoba, aloe and essential oils like clary sage, tea tree, lemon grass. Rub oil into scalp and brush again with copper brush. leave in over night and wash and condition in morning with natural shampoo and conditioner (Shea Moisture is my favorite brand of natural inexpensive hair and skin products, they even have a dandruff line). After washing and conditioning, add several more drops of scalp oil and rub into scalp, then style as usual. If you have oily hair, make a day time hair oil with only jojoba and essential oils of choice. Jojoba should reduce your body making more oil. This is best way I can still be normal with hair care and style and not have flakes!

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