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Hydrogen peroxide, and Borax laundry soap (powder),(Not) the ant killer!!
and water, the only thing different that I do is I do the whole body, and then I do not wash it off! every other day for few days till I see improvements. Works every time, again you have to stay on it, and watch your animal. Just like children, and antibiotics as soon as they feel better you don't stop you finish the medication, that's how they usually get re- infected. because its not all gone. but they look and feel much better.

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Tammy D.

I am curious, how do you mix the solution together (how much of each) and how long do you need to treat after the condition starts to clear?


Yes how do you mix this?? How much of each??


How much of each do you use?


500 cc of peroxide 2 Tablespoons of Borax mix well and pour on dog leave on


How much water?

Debbie Wills

Is this toxic if the dog licks it since its to be left on & not rinsed?


How much peroxide and boraxalico


thanks and my dogs tk u too

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