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Hi all - I had a huge boil come up on the underside of my breast (big boobs, not easy to see or treat). First of all it was hot and painful, then built up and up and up until the thing was like a third nipple, it was huge!

I tried everything - in order - mag sulphate (just burned), tomato puree (turned the skin black), potato slices (nowt happened), ditto fatty bacon with salt (ouch) and bread poultices with turmeric powder. Seriously, I tried them all - and was getting rather scared - nothing was drawing the core out, and the boil just got bigger. I was careful to keep the area sterilised and clean - but still nothing. It wasn't the pain that worried me so much but the thought that I was making it worse by trying home remedies - but I hate turning to the GP who will just give me a prescription for antibiotics.

Anyhoo - finally got some relief from a turmeric and honey paste applied regularly after about three days. The boil showed it had three cores and started to drain (no explosion though), and then I applied manuka honey on the dressings - and boy what a difference. The size of it has shrunk from bigger than a 50 pence piece to smaller, and the angry skin, plus the black stuff (which appeared after the puree treatment), has gone.

All the other stuff just made me feel like a hamburger in waiting - but manuka honey (the good stuff) made a real difference and is highly recommended.

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