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Right, so I'm tired of looking for stuff online to get rid of genital warts (GW). So here's my story and how I get rid of them in about a week and half ( not including the slight redness for healing).
So after bad heartbreak I made a dumb mistake and had unprotected sex for about 15 seconds and then put the condom on. How silly. Damage was done. Any I discovered some redness and didn't get it checked. Looked up online and it said its probably a yeast infection. Doctor said the same thing. I didn't think guys could get that but they can. Doc was still wrong. One day I read acv could help a yeast infection because mine seemed to not go away after tablets and creams. So I got acv put it on the red areas and boom! Everything went white? What the hell? So I googled and it said GW. okay went to the doc told her this and she said no... Relax. Don't believe the Internet and we did an std screening and all the major things came back negative. No test for the warts though. So I used the acv and it killed them for a while and then I thought that was it. They came back so I went back to the doc and she said it was molluscum. She froze them. Didn't work so I got a sharp tweezers and ripped out the centre. Big mistake. Blood everywhere, no scarring but the blood made them spread! Oh god so now on the shaft of my penis and pubic area I look up a million cures and try everything and that's how I found this method. I'm going to add to it to see what else helps but this is what I did and they are nearly gone since the first day which was 4 days ago. Give or take a day. Acv was a bit to powerful for me now. Couldn't sleep and the burn (for me) was intense! I diluted a good dollop with a pint of water. But before this I'd shower to open the pours. With the diluted acv I'd add 5drops of tea tree oil. Easy right? Plus before and after this I'd use hydrogen peroxide on them. Loads of bubbles! Your oxygenating the wart which it does not like and the acv creates an alkaline environment. Which they don't like either. That's done and dusted here's the hard part. Supplements and stomaching a disgusting cocktail. Supplements- multivitamin, vitamin e, garlic, echinacea, vitamin c, folic acid, zinc. I have yet to add a few more things to this. You will find them all if you type in supplements to fight hpv virus on Google. I also spray genitals and back of throat with collodial silver. Cocktail- pint of water, dash of fresh squeezed lemon, good few drops of acv, and the hard part that will make you want to throw up, 3 drops of tea tree oil. I don't care what people say about it being bad internally. It seems to be helping me. After all this I occasionally put castor oil on the warts and leave it dry in. All the time though I keep my genitals dry and that's easy with some talcum powder. Baking soda is another huge part. I'm going to buy some right now! Hope this helps everyone! It's working for me. Chin up, it's a virus, not the end of the world. People say we can't kill a virus but I disagree. I believe through natural methods anything can be kicked. Pharmacies are around to make money. Pills make you better short term to make you worse long term. Have experienced that first hand! Won't get into it. Good luck guys!
Just to add to this. I was making this as I was treating myself. I also started drinking water and baking soda, mixed castor oil and baking soda and left it dry in to the wart. Now last thing I added from some guy who claims to have the cure for hpv. I found this out from a lot of research so feel free to look into it. Red marine algae contains a byproduct called carrageenan. This is being proven to attack virus's, including herpes, hiv and hpv. But for some reason it appears to be most effective against hpv so I bought a lubricant containing it and I'm taking red algae supplements. Hope this helps!

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Tea tree oil is really amazing! How useful it is!!!

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