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I have genital warts since 2 years ago which i got it from my cheating ex. I'm a 24 yrs old female and i got engaged 2 months ago. At first i think that i should go to the doc but as i'm unemployed so i went to search for home remedies.

After reading about ACV, and believe me it works. I told my fiancee about my gw n lucky me he is very supportive. So we went to pharmacy n i got myself

- Heinz ACV
- hydrogen peroxide
- cotton pad
- vaseline
- epsom salt
- aiken pure tea tree oil

I had 2 big warts, 1 in medium size n 6 small warts. Here what i've done. Every morning, before i brush my teeth, i drink pomegranate juice(thick liquid, i dont remember what its called). Then i ate a clove of crush garlic n drink a glass of warm lemon juice. After that i shower n i put 3tbs epsom salt n 1/4 glass of ACV in a bucket of water n i splashed it to my genital area. Then after drying up my body ( dry ur private parts with toilet paper separately. Don't use your towel) i clean the parts with gw with 1:1 of hydrogen peroxide n water. Then a mix a portion of 1:1:1 of ACV, Tea tree oil, water. I use cotton pad. Squeeze a little so that the cotton will not be too wet. Put it at gw. It stings n hurt but its bearable. The reason i dilute it with water is because the skin at genital parts are very sensitive n surely u dont want to burn your healthy skin. Day two. All my warts become white n big warts bleed a little. But somehow i manage to stop it. Day 3 the medium warts had become greyish n started to fall. My small warts were all gone n my big warts started to shrink in size. N i'm still continue the treatment for my big warts. I soak my wart 2hrs day n 2hrs at night. Will be updating soon on my big warts.

My advice. Keep a healthy lifestyle. N be positive. There are no disease that cannot be cure except death. Sorry for my grammar

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