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So after what I thought was a yeast infection, and finding out my boyfriend had cheated on me with a girl that has an STD, I thought it a good idea to go get checked since I've been having symptoms. I read up on almost every STD/STI under the sun and went into the clinic hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. And what do you know? The nurse says, very rudely I may add, 'Oh, you deffinately have herpes'. So I've been diagnosed with Genital Herpes and am having my first OB and man is this the worst pain I've ever dealt with. They say your first OB is the worst and I believe it. I need help, I need as many remedies or quick tips or tricks to relieve the pain and itching, I can't deal anymore! I can't go to the bathroom, not even in my own bath water. I can hardly walk without waddling like a penguin from place to place. I've barely slept since the OB just keeps getting worse and the pain is keeping me awake. I was prescribed the antivirals or whatever they are, I've been taking them 3 times a day, but I only started yesterday. I'm ashamed of myself, I don't know how I could let this happen, I feel disgusting and like everyone looks at me lower now, even those who don't know my condition. I feel lower in the world, I'm so depressed, I'm in so much pain, and this site really helped me, seeing so many other people going through it too, and working past the pain, and it makes me feel like I'm not alone. Thank you, and good luck to everyone!

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Start taking L-Lysine 1000 milligrams 2x a day. Make sure to keep Ibuprofen in your system every 4-6 hours (or what ever the bottle says) for the first OB and take warm Epsom salt baths with coconut oil. For peeing I would use a empty, clean bottle. Rest as much as you can. I had to work during my first OB but came home and crashed. Avoid caffeine and sugar. If possible get in a wheat grass shot.

Try anything and everything. I still am too- been living with it for 6 months. I hate that it had to happen for you this way. The first OB is awful mentally and physically and I couldn't imagine the boyfriend mess along with it.

I hope you feel better!


Just like you, I found out today (08/07/2015) that aftwr almost 6 years of devotion to one man he was sleeping with someone else and now I'm suffering with GH. I feel so disgusting, so dirty and so betrayed.
I want you to know reading what you had to say here didn't make me feel so alone.. because that's how I feel right now. I'm sat here in excruciating pain because of the choice someone else made.

I'm so glad I stumbled across this site, and I'm so sorry that you have to go through this just as I do.


Also ask your Dr for lidocaine gel. That was my best friend during my initial outbreak just over a year ago. Stick with the ibuprofen, that helps with the tingling feeling. The only thing that still bothers me is the itching. Haven't found any relief from that yet.


Like you, I'm having my first OB. It's truly the worst thing imaginable. I'm not sure how much help I can be considering I am also physically and psychologically wrecked, but here's what I've learned. Three things seem to promote faster healing: Apple cider vinegar, garlic, and raw honey. I'm using ACV mixed with water in a squirt bottle after every time I pee. Then with a cotton ball I dab the sores with straight ACV (burns but only lasts a few seconds) then I cover the entire area in honey. Important: it can't be regular honey. It has to be organic RAW honey. The one that's proven its worth in clinical trials is MANUKA honey. It's very expensive! But I'd pay any amount to be done with this!! I tried the garlic but it burned so much I couldn't take it. I hope that helps. You're not alone. It has also destroyed my self esteem. Good luck, girl.


If you take a hot bath with peroxide. It clears in two days... Most of the time! I have had it for 3 years now i could sit here and tell you it gets better but it doesnt... Yes you may not have as many outbreaks but still painful. My second year of this i had a outbreak every month it was like right after my period every month i was having a ob. Now its every 3 months or so as long as i don't have to much stress. After having this for so long i still am trying new things to make out stop... I say good luck to... God bless you and keep your head up bc at least your alive!


I am
Having my first OB, this is pretty terrible. I dont know what to do and I just kinda want to roll over and die. I am 19.. I know everything will be Okay, it's just at this moment everything is crashing down and I wish I was part of the rubble.


I'm 17, it was the first time having sex with my partner who was also a virgin, besides oral sex etc.. and about a week later I felt an irritating burning sensation around my vaginal opening, it kept me awake all night and my partner was helping me, applying cold compress and warm compresses trying to see which one soothed it the most to no avail. I thought I'd gotten an irritated shaving rash due to having sexual intercourse, only to then find lumps appearing around my vaginal opening. I was mortified. When I had asked my partner had had type 1 herpes when he was around the age of six(cold sore) and never thought anything of it. He said that he hadn't suffered from it since then and that he didn't think of it, after about a day my vaginal opening had swollen so much that it was painful to do anything(not sexually) and I could hardly walk. Lucky for me my period had just started too. I couldn't fit in a tampon and had to wait three days before I could visit a doctor. I couldn't wear underwear for long periods of time and had to bathe every morning and night. My vagina had blisters that were disturbingly large all around the opening, inside the clitoral hood and all over my Labia. Whenever I urinated I screamed in agony (I was taking antibiotics for a water infection that had travelled to my kidneys and caused quite a painful kidney infection) which was absolutely horrid. When I finally went to the doctors she was simply unsympathetic and horribly judging and rudely said I had herpes looking at me as if I was a dirty human being, I got prescribed medicine (valtrex) I took 4 times a day for 7 days and applied sudocrem to my affected areas. Slowly (around two weeks) my lesions started to lessen and finally scabbed over. Anyone who has to go through this I feel your pain immensely, I found when I needed to urinate that pouring water over my vagina whilst urinating diluted the intensity of the urine and in a way prevented it from being as painful. I do reccommend the sudocrem as I've had around three outbreaks since my initial outbreak (A month today) and they've easily gone with sudocrem and plenty fluids/healthy food. However, outbreaks depend on immunity, stress levels etc and I have low immunity and high stress levels which increase the chances of me having an OB. If anyone is reading this then just remember to try and clean it up as much as possible, I used cotton wool balls and warm water whenever I urinated as I found toilet paper too harsh and it made me bleed a lot.

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