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I heard that formula milk is good for children and it helps to prevent our children from getting constipation..
Anyone tried which formula milk works?
I tried few brand.. E, S... but it seen like not working... :(
Any good remedy??

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I also tried on sustagen kid 3+. somehow it is pretty upset, did not work for my son. Too much smell, gas and fussiness. My kids very rely on movicol when constipation happens.


What worked for me was plenty of fiber - fruit, vegetables and some whole wheat + drink formula milk that contain Pre-biotics (my kids currently drinking Mamil Milk Brand). so far, never heard that he complaint over unable to stool etc...
As I think you can give a try!


My son Jason is on Mamil too. Mamil works for my children in preventing constipation too. But imho, we cannot always rely on formula milk and sometimes you also need to make sure your children's diet is healthy and have more exercise and waters.


I am currently doing bf with my kids but feel like my milk supply is dropping off a little even though I constantly breast feed and do everything right to try avoid this? That why I getting more and more worries right now if i do choose to move to a formula milk to satisfy my babies hunger needs can anyone recommend a babies formula for suitbale from birth that will avoid constipation issues. I would love to hear your feedback.


For various reasons my son was formula fed. We were using the Mamil Dumex. In fact many midwives told me they were impressed after using it as they said this one is less likely to cause upset tums & constipation. My pediatrician also told me the same thing & all advised to use Mamil Dumex milk formula as this has a huge reputation for constipation.

Having said that though, each bub is different. Just don't go changing formulas often as this will cause upsets & you will not know which is good or bad for your bubs.


Mamil Dumex! It really works on my children, this formula milk powder do contain pre-biotic which promotes healthy intestinal function and relieve discomfort.


Try mamil dumex? My girl has been on mamil good since product-mamil-learning-1-3, now Dumex Mamil Active Precision 4 Formulated Milk, although she does not poo everyday, but her stools are always soft. No problem pooping always. She takes fruits n veg too though.


Where i can find this milk in london?

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