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I have a genuine remedy here that I discovered on my own when I was taking care of my boyfriend who was battling cancer and going through an immense ammount of pain. Though he has recently passed away, I use to make him my special 'CHEMO TEA', and it was the only thing that would take his pain away. It worked better than morphine, oxycontins, hydrocodons, and the whole nine yards.

I can promise you this will work for even THE MOST SEVERE of cases. I remembered it tonight and after 48 hours of feeling suicidal from riding in the worst pain of my life, it all went to ZERO because I remembered my tea!

You will need to purchase white willow bark in loose leaf, and chamomile in loose leaf. Natural grocers or any natural department should have these for very affordable prices. I think I paid 3 dollars for a baggie of white willow bark and 2 dollars for the Chamomile at the time.

RECIPE: 2 teaspoons of white willow bark (way more effective than Aspirin) & 2 teaspoons of Chamomile. Steep in hot (but not boiling) water for 5 minutes. STRAIN, do not over steep as white willow bark can be dangerous if too strong. Drink at lukewarm temperature or cold, depending on how bad your tooth is. Within 15 minutes you will find your pain completely eliminated. Good luck!

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So sorry for your lost my condolences

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