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Hey girls I have never posted on these sites but I just had to share my experience. I had been struggling with bv for almost 3 years it started right after I had my 3rd child I had never had anything like this happen before and I was going crazy because it seemed like I was always running to the Dr's office & always had the same failed treatment go without having sex for weeks and as soon as I had sex it would be back . We (my husband and I) even went through treatment together because the doc recommended it even though she said guys don't get bv, but it was just another failed attempt!! So yesterday after having attemting to have sex and failing because of the smell I had had enough & finally went for it & squeezed a syringe full of plain yogurt straight up my vajj & went to bed. This morning the smell was completly gone I couldn't believe it I was so happy I had to try having sex to see if it was real this is gonna sound crazy but I literally smelled my hubbys penis...the smell was gone!! Ive spent so much money on prescription meds & a $6 bottle of yogurt cured it overnight I'm still going to do the yogurt for a couple of more days & refrain from sex but I've also decided to introduce the yogurt in my diet!! I know what worked for me might not work for someone else but if you haven't tried the yogurt into the vagina because it freaks you out I'm here to say go for it!! I read that if your lactose intolerant you should try soy yogurt. I will be going to the dr next week to do a swab & finally find out if its truly gone! Fingers crossed but girls I want to say I finally feel sexy again!

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What type of yogurt did you use, if I may ask?


I've done this before but by dipping a tampon into it. I used plain Greek yogurt. Don't use anything with sugars in it!

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