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I have tooth decay in one of my back molars which is also infected the pain was unbearable for 2 days before I called the dentist(which I have a fear of by the way) I just have to take 4 amoxicillin pills 500 mg a day for the infection and I use advil every 4-6 hours for the pain it works amazingly but I have to wait 4 months just to get my tooth extracted here's to hoping I don't get pliers and pull it out myself by then!

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Oil of Oregano will knock any tooth abcess out and pay abcess will be gone in days pain minimal to none within 10-20 min you must purchase Oil of Oregano by Natuural Factors it must have a minimum of 80% Carvacrol . It works wonders for many bacteria infections


Omg im in same boat and the pain isn't going away and the oral surgeon is booked

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