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Just wanted to share this in hopes of helping someone else who has/is suffering. After years of going through the metronidazole Rollercoaster both orally and intravaginally i was beyond tired. FYI antibiotics kill all bacteria including the good ones. Ill start by telling you how to get immediate relief if your suffering from a chronic episode now, and how to maintain vaginal homeostasis.

Your suffering now!:take a tampon, soak it (with the applicator still on) in organic apple cider vinegar for at least one minute. Push it down just a little bit so you can absorb it but not so you can't insert it. Now,you guessed it, insert it. I promise the relief starts within 10 minutes. I left it in for about an hour, then repeated this twice. This worked better than any pill, cream, suppository ever made. I suffered for so long, but after doing this i have been bv free almost a year now. The last vinegar 'stick' needs to be left in overnight. The next morning I felt amazing. Completely asymptomatic. I wish i could have done this sooner.

Maintenence: If you're like me, you have tried antibiotics in the past. They have wrecked the good bacteria in your gut leaving you with a dangerous imbalance. Find the right probiotic for you and take it DAILY! Get more vitamin C in your diet and drink organic apple cider vinegar daily with honey and water. Inserting the vitamin C intravaginally did not work for me, so i would just recommend taking it.

Good luck to you.

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Does the apple cider vinegar burn inserting into the vagina

Curious Kat

Oh my goodness. I have been dealing with these problems way before I could enjoy being a teenager. Sigh I've taken both antibiotics which worked as long as I was absent from sex or being fully protected (in some of my cases, condoms didn't work neither.) I'm so glad I stumbled onto this site! I'm even grateful for this post. I knew antibiotics weren't the only cure. So far I did as was recommended. This is only day two, but I have a question. Did u do it exactly 3 times a day and for how long must I do it? It hurts a Tad, but I hoping it's because it's killing the infection. Also with this method, should I be looking forward to a yeast infection?


Im currently trying the apple cider vinegar and it burns way bad. Im not sure if its cause ive had my infection for 3 days but i did stumble upon my meds that i didnt finish from last time which was months ago. So i started taking those and have had some releif but i don't have time to go to the dr so i found this website and am trying both the vineger and the yogurt. But the burning is OMG!! My friend also is getting it and is doing the same but has no burning

Natural Momma

So I was just about to stick a bunch of cream prescription about my v for my 1st ever BV diagnosis when I began (accidently) to read the fine print while looking for applicator instructions. That stuff is scary! It's a known carcinogenic and we are told by trusted doctors to stick it up our vaginas! Plus I'm still breastfeeding and it clearly states that the effects are unknown... I'm not taking the risk! Knowing that coconut oil is antibacterial and antifungal, I used the applicator to squirt the oil inside instead. I have high hopes since coconut oil is my go to for everything!

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