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First off, when I tell you ladies that this site has literally changed my life please know that I am forever grateful. I thought I was the only person suffering with chronic reoccurring bv, low and behold...I'm not. I am 29 and have had bv on and off for the past several years. Yes everything that everyone says about the smell, the discharge and all of the uncomfortable-ness is sad and true. After visiting doc after doc and spending several hundreds of dollars on meds that only work for a few days and make me sick as a dog....atlast something natural and safe has come along. So...cutting to the chase, after finding this site yesterday I went out and purchased vitamin c, coconut oil, lots of lemons, yogurt and accuflora (probiotic)....I took 1000 mgs of vit c, and 2 caplets of accuflora around lunchtime along with a tall glass of strong lemon water. Once I got home started with more lemon water and soaked a tampon with coconut oil and inserted it for 2 hours. I then decided to take a shower...soak another tampon and sleep in it. This morning...everything, for gone!!!!!! No smell, no discharge....nothing. Ladies I seriously don't know the last time I've felt so....clean. So today and for the next several days I will be on this regime praying everything gets cleared up. Please continue to share! Good luck!

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Also be cautious, I'm finding that the vit c and probiotic are hard on the tummy together. After consulting my Pharmacist friend she recommended cutting the doses or taking 1 out of the equation just to pin point which one is giving the tummy ache. Still seeing results tho. :)

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