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Most effective & long lasting relief for broken crown, raw nerve: 3 to 5 whole raw cloves. Place over the tooth & allow saliva to soak. Move around a bit till they are flexible then arrange the wad till comfortable, then clamp in place AND HOLD. Long lasting relief soon comes. If pain starts to return rework the wad and clamp in place again.
ALLOWS YOU TO HAVE A GOOD SLEEP AND ALSO TO WORK DURING THE DAY! Go back to fresh cloves when effectiveness is gone or when they have disintergrated. Tip: don't chew cloves up, just a rework (only a little) & reposition & clamp teeth together again. [No more crying & no more frantic or histerical due to pain! Have a sound sleep!

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kim radmer

this worked better than anything my daughter tried this morning.

Mary 2 Mary

This is amazing! I couldn't find anything to relieve the pain, but within half an hour the pain has subsided and stayed away. Thank you so much!,


Thank you I was effected by serious pain in my molar teeth at night time and I had nowhere to go at get medical help at that time so I searched net and read you was very help full I finally had some sleep


Thanks very much. Tried everything from pain meds to some herbal tea and nothing helped. 15-20 min after letting about 4-5 whole cloves sit in my lip (like a chewing tobacco dip) and a few between my teeth, the pain has completely stopped. It burned a little at first but it was defiantly the best feeling burn I've ever felt in my life. Thank you so much again!


what cloves??? i need relief and fast. pleae help!

Gunz Bride

THANK YOU THANK YOU Mr. CLOVEMAN! I was crying uncontrollable tonight, supposed to have surgery tomorrow which they called Friday and reschedule due to loosing the implants they made! I was out of whole cloves and no clove oil. So off to my spice Cupard I go again to grab the only cloves I had ground cloves. (McCormick brand) After some adjusting I used approx cup to cup and half of the warmest water I could handle mixed the ground cloves approx a whole tablespoon maybe a tad less and let it sit in my cheek there at the worst spot and then spit it out.I did this for approx six mins for the whole cup and WOW relief within minutes after. Looking forward to a good night's sleep.Hope this post helps those of you who are hosting that pain that causes those uncontrollable tears to fall and are out of whole cloves or even clove oil. It does help or it did for me and should for you due to cloves haveing a numbing agent! Good luck and I hope you get rest tonight too!!

Gunz Bride

@Bonnie cloves in the spice Isle at your grocery store works I would image any brand I used McCormick but clove oil from the pharmacy should work great too! Sometimes you can find cloves at the dollar tree especially now around the holidays just make sure they aren't expired. Because I know the ground cloves at the grocery store in my area can run aroubd nine dollars plus for a small container. Best place at the grocery store to get them least expensive is in the ethnic food section like where they sell the Mexican food Sources!! Good luck

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