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I've been suffering from bv for about two yrs now and I've tried almost everything prescribed and over the counter including Boric acid tea tree oil which burned like hell and the yogurt trick which worked for about a wk den it was back with a vengeance.i did some searching and someone told me to try all natural vitamin c capuals and insert one into my vag every night for about 3-7 days. So I went on a hunt for them because at this point I was fed up with the embarrassing odor. I went to my local vitamin shoppe looked for a straight vitamin c capuals with nothing else in it I looked for a lower dosage no more than 500mg because I didn't want to over do it being that vitamin c is a acid. I couldn't find any capuals that didn't have a coating on it or that was straight vitamin c so I purchased liquid vitamin c 300 mg per table spoon.i later went home and soaked a tampon in 300mg of vitamin c it was hell getting the tampon bk into the plastic but I managed I did that while taking a probiotic and and takin a hot bath with baking soda to maintain a healthy ph level once all the bad bacteria had died. I did that for about 4 days and continued the baths for about another 2 days just to be safe..ok let me say this the very first time I put one of the soiled tampon in nd left it for a complete night,agpfter I removed it the smell was gone I was elated but I thought maybe this is temporary so I continued for a couple more nights to assure it was gone.. And it worked its gone I have no smell now and I even had sex with my boyfriend and their was no smell at all wat so ever finally relief I can now be more confident during sex and everyday life knowing I've found a cure if u have been struggling to find what right for you try my remedy it may be the one for you IM BV FREE🙌🏼🙌🏼

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