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Smooth butt

I did this a few years ago....I tied off the hemmhroid/anal tag with dental floss, threat and tiny rubber bands and it was a disaster....I couldn't sit because the tag would became SO SWOLLEN, HUGE, super painful, and bloody that I just had to untie was the worst pain I've ever felt...a few years later I couldn't take the tag anymore because it was soooooo embarrassing and I found a colorectal doctor. I told him how it itched and would swell and was a problem in regards to hygiene set up an appointment and got the thing removed a few days ago! I'm 3 days post op and let me tell you that surgery was nothing compared to tying it off. the surgery was 80% pain free and I would do it again in a heart beat.....if anyone wants to know anything about the surgery just ask! the most painful part was the numbing shot and that wasn't so bad because I took Tylenol about 45 minutes to an hour before the surgery. He cauterize do it off....If going to the doctor is what's embarrassing to you just remember he looks at at least 20-30 different buttholes a day lol

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I'm so happy you posted this! Mines are a result of pregnancy- my twins are now one. How long is the process? Length of recovery? Since I have little ones and work full-time, I need to remain active. It's all sooooo embarrassing and annoying!


Where did you get the procedure done at? What's the name of the procedure? What type of doctor do I need to speak too? Price range


Hi just wondering if you had swelling after and for how long? It's been over a week since mine and I have a huge bump, hemmorhoid-like thing there now, looks way worse than before


Please let me know where you had the procedure done. Who carried out your surgery? I am desperate to have mine done but am afraid of it getting worse instead of better, as i have heard from some people's experiences. Also what is the procedure called?
I tried the floss tying method and it didnt work for me. I was shaking so intensely ftom pain, I thought I was going to passout. Thanks

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