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I don't recommend this but here is my story... I was in jail and let me make this known, they do not do s@#t for u when your in pain... So I had to resort to this, I took a staple (all that was available) and literally popped thin cover over nerve. It is VERY painful so much it is hard to even complete this but u will have instant relief after and it will never bother you again. However my dentist told me there are multiple nerves in a single tooth so if you don't have your tooth repaired you may experience pain from another nerve in that tooth should get exposed.

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I kind of want to do this now. My tooth hurts so bad! I feel like death! I've never had a cavity or any kind of problems with my teeth but one of my back molars broke in half when I accidentally bit into a piece of bone I didn't know was in my meat. I think I might be dying.

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