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Remedy: Green Tea Pills and vaseline!!!

I asked my doctor after 6 months of cyrogentic treatment and 1 surgery (extensive warts mostly internal and now just external) about things i read on this website. He said none of these are proven but he did say there is a green tea ointment in the US (im in singapore). I found its just green tea powder and vaseline mostly. Since its not available here, i bought green tea supplements and vaseline. I put vaseline on my 2 fingers and sprinkled some green tea powder on top of the vaseline which sticks. I placed my fingers on effective regions and rubbed it to mix in powder and cover area smoothly. Leave it on. Wash your butt before u put more one or after u wipe before u reapply. Keep it simple and reapply 3 times a day if u can..

1 week, my big wart turned white then black and the smaller ones have a black centers. I am sooo happy that its working.

I normally trust doctors but after 6 months of terrible treatments at 10k+++ in bills, a 40$ supplement and a tube of vaseline did better. Wtf doc.

This is treating my external. Surfery was require for the internal ones i could not even see, only feel.

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Where can i get the green tea powder?


1 part tea tree oil
1 part water
Make a paste with 1 aspirin and apply before bed.
After a few applications before bed the wart should slough off by the end of week one.

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