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DO NOT USE APPLE CIDER VINEGAR ON YOUR ANUS! I saw some small white spots inside of my anus a couple months ago. I had no clue what they were but assumed that they may have been anal warts due to their color and texture. I will confirm when I meet with my doctor next month.

This was most likely my mistake, but I got a clean paper towel and poured some apple cider vinegar on it. I then stuck the paper towel inside my anus for 10 minutes to rid myself of the warts. I didn't stick the paper towel in that far, maybe half an inch.

This completely burned my skin inside of my anus. It's been 3 days and I haven't put any apple cider vinegar near my anus and don't plan on doing so ever again. My anus still burns (getting SLOWLY better) and ESPECIALLY burns when making a bowel movement. My anus (and anus inside) is basically red, inflamed and very, very slowly getting back to normal from being BURNED from the apple cider vinegar. I also have a few inflamed hemorrhoids that seem to have formed from using the apple cider vinegar as well.

Taking bowel movements are a pain, but after each one I quickly douche in the shower with warm water to keep the area clean from bowel debris. Basically, my anus is sore and I'm waiting for my body to heal itself and get back to normal. I should have never done this as my warts weren't many and my anus was practically fine and I never had problems with bowel movements.

I just wanted to warn everyone as I got the apple cider vinegar idea from this site. Perhaps it works with warts further away from the anus, however, DO NOT put apple cider vinegar anywhere near or inside your anus ever. You have been warned!

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Never went to the doctor. I'm not even sure if they were warts; however they were inside of my anus and were very small, hard white pellets. I would imagine they were warts.

The apple cider vinegar that I soaked in a paper towel and then put the paper towel in my anus burned the skin in and around my anus.

About a week and a half later my anus was fine and functioning back to normal, no pain, no problems with bowel movements, everything is fine. The apple cider vinegar didn't work as I can still feel small anal pellets in my anus. I'm not getting surgery since I never want to feel that pain again.


OP here. My post is above.


Where cab I get ACV?

Scared Minor

I am 16 years old and I have noticed something like warts around my anus. When I first noticed it I was not worried because u remembered having something similar before but it went away after awhile. However this time I think there are two. I am unsure on whether to go to the doctor because that would mean telling my people and I am kind of scared. Should I just try acv or go to a doctor beforehand so that they may diagnose what I have but from reading the source I am positive it is hpv.


idea: dilute in h2o and toughen up?

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