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I've done a ton of natural research. I don't share what I know because it's so embarrassing a topic. But since this is anonymous, here goes! Vaginosis is candida (a natural bacteria found in our bodies) overgrowth. Bread, sugar, antibiotics, meat and dairy products and much more all cause this imbalance to happen. Modern diet and lifestyle have turned this overgrowth issue in our bodies into an epidemic. 250 million americans suffer candida overgrowth. It's a whole lifestyle change to beat it and even then, who is going to be perfect and never eat the 'bad stuff'? Not me, and I do most of the 'good' stuff most of the time - and still struggle with bv, or candida overgrowth. So I figure, some of us are just unlucky that we get bv as the symptom of candida/overgrowth of 'bad' bacteria in our gut. Others get symptoms of other kinds, like bad skin, allergies, headaches, bad breath, digestive issues, gas bloating, nail fungus, and tons of other symptoms. This is just our bodies' way of dealing with the imbalance. So WHAT TO DO? There is no perfect solution, but I insert a pure capsule of probiotics vaginally. I read it in a book by Doctor k shahani whose book i found on amazon. Then I found a reputable company that has his strain of dds-1 probiotic. I like that the company is a person like me, not a major corporation. B4B Probiotics are sold on amazon. I insert one anytime I feel that discomfort coming on. I took a ton of them for a few months and the daily symptoms are gone. It takes a long time to stop candida overgrowth - it's not a quick fix problem. Then, for maintenance, probiotics are just a necessary supplement to counteract the effect of food and lifestyle today. But few people know that the dds-1 inserted vaginally was actually developed and clinically tested for bv. so thats why i only use the B4B brand. Other brands have dds-1 strain too. And by the way, if I insert one that morning, i have sex that night no problem. I do make an extra (inserted) effort to wash any remnants of the dissolved capsule out but it's usually gone after a full day (and so are the symptoms) so sex feels and smells normal.

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Anyone interested more about this technique - I researched and found this information about vaginal insertion of powder capsules of DDS-1 in this book:

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