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What worked for me was ginseng tea and aspirin. Cut a aspirin in half and put it on your tooth. Take a tea bag and make a cup of tea. Cut the string off the tea bag and fold it in half (just the empty part of the bag folded around tea leaves) then stuff it in between your cheek and tooth that hurts. Everytime I did this I was in so much pain when I first put it in but it calmed down after a minute. Then drink your tea on the side that doesn't hurt. The aspirin kinda turns into a paste in your tooth. I could sleep all night long and felt no pain. My toothache lasted two days I brushed with baking soda and rinsed with mouthwash followed by warm salt water to get rid of the taste. I tried the garlic but it didn't bring me pain relief but I highly recommend it to kill infection. Fyi if you have pain in your ear, neck and head you have a infection in your tooth. I had pain in my neck and ear but it went away when I first tried to treat it with garlic even though the pain didn't go away. I tried just chewing garlic and then I did the garlic, turmeric and salt water rinse which you just hold on the tooth for 5 minutes. Get that turmeric and garlic in there natural infection killers. Garlic really burns your tongue though. My boyfriend had a really bad toothache for a month and he couldn't get rid of it until my mom got him some peppermint tea. We tried fresh mint and it didn't work but just after drinking the whole box of mint tea his toothache disappeared and hasn't come back in four months. I was going to put a peppermint tea bag on my tooth today but my pain has been gone since 3:30 when I went to the store to buy some. I hope this helps someone I hated seeing my boyfriend in pain and he hated seeing me in pain but we are both pain free now. Also just pray. Just say 'GOD please take this pain away from me' like a mantra he will listen and even if you only get a little relief thank him he will hear your appreciation and continue to walk with you.

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I tried the aspirin and tea bag and it worked amazingly thank you so much.

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