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I had Stretch Marks all along my stomach. I think part of it was from my pregnancy and part of it was from weight I gained a few years back. I really wanted to get laser surgery to get my stretch marks removed. But it just wasn't in my budget. I was desperate to find an alternative. So I searched the web and asked friends and you name it I tried it. Nothing was working. The thing with Stretch Marks cream is that they take a month or so to see results. My sister in law finally recommended a cream called lextrin skin repair. I gave it a try. The first 2 weeks I didn't notice any difference. But by the end of the 3rd week my stretch marks were about 50% gone! I was amazed and started packing this sucker on day and night for the next month and by the end of the second month about 95% of my stretch marks were completely gone. My husband couldn't believe it. He even started using it. I recommend this method to everyone. Its super cheap compared to laser surgery but not having stretch marks is priceless.

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Hi.where can ypu buy the porducts which u used?can u email me.pls..


Where can I find lexterine. Plz help


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Evening.Where can i buy the pro and how much is it?

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