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this works realy well

To make a good ointment.
mix 1 TBSP of virgin coconut oil,
1 TBSP of organic honey,
vitamin E 200 I.U.
oderless Garlic 2000mg
Melaleuca oil bout 2 or 3 drops
you must use the best on the market T36-C5

Mix over low heat. Apply to the infected area as needed.

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Eczema: Use a humidifier, reduce stress, drink lots of water, no soft drinks, avoid hot showers & shower less, watch what you eat, use coconut oil, rub avocado & aloe vera on skin, avoid caffeine, jojoba oil, apply honey to the skin, take a cool oatmeal bath, avoid soaps & perfumes, put oatmeal in a blender then put in cheesecloth bag let it float in tub, green clay & witch hazel mixed together, take fish oil, chamomile bath, pay attention to what you eat, drink green smoothies, eat fruits & veggies, Shea butter, beeswax, yogurt, sauerkraut, water kefir, kombucha soda, apple cider vinegar, take a vitamin E supplement, eat walnuts, eat salmon, flaxseed oil, eliminate milk & milk products, Epson salt bath, eat whole foods, liver detox.

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