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Hello! I've just read through the first few pages of this forum and been doing some other research too about this issue, since I've had BV for quite a few months now.
Recently I've discovered the cause of this might perhaps be 'Achidosis' a state where there is too much acid in the body. I've found a very useful forum and if you scroll down, it seemed to work for many women. (Can't put link apparently, but if you google 'earth clinic, bacterical vaginosis, I think it will come up) Many have testified that an alkaline diet is key to vanishing symptoms completely adn if you search online for a list of alkalising/alkaline food, it will show and you can start your new diet ^ ^
Hope for the best for all of you and just thought I'd share this ;)

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A healthy vagina's pH is more on the acidic side. Semen and blood are alkaline. The more that is introduced to your acidic vagina, the more the pH gets thrown off. Creating a more hospitable environment for bv to grow, flourish and stink up the place!

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