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Ear Infections Cured by Pro-biotics

I am a mom that has gone through my daughter experiencing repeated ear infections through the course of her childhood. I recently saw a David Suzuki show in which mothers using antibiotics to heal ear infections in children may have been the cause for Autism due to antibiotics severely disrupting the natural balance of bacteria in the gut. So if you want to avoid using antibiotics every time your child has an ear infection here is a natural cure that I believe saved my daughter from having severe problems.

I used the following recipe to cure my daughter of ear infections.
-2 capsules of Acidophilus
-2 or 3 drops of non-chlorinated water (spring water is what I used)

Mix into paste – using clean fingers apply paste at the opening of the ear holes (not inside, as the good bacteria will travel into the ear by itself). Place a little on the neck in the hollow place right under the ear lobe. Repeat the process every 3 or 4 hours and before bedtime.

The results were astonishing. My daughter’s ear infections would go away within a day or two and there was no need for antibiotics. The infections also became less and less frequent until they were non-existant. My daughter also learned to not put her head under water in public swimming places. I believe the combination of pro-biotics in her gut either in the form of bio-K yogurt (highly active) and Acidophilus around the ear cured her from ear infections. She is now a healthy 24 year old young women who has suggested I share our story.

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