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So Fed Up With This

I got it when i was 18. I was having unprotected sex but truth is you can get it even when using a condom. Its transmitted from skin to skin contact. So basically even if i just touched someone on their privates i could have gotten it. Im not sure if i got it through a partner or from shaving. I was foolish and used a razor in the tub to shave my vagina because my boyfriend asked me to. Not long after i found a bump down there. The worst thing i think i ever could have done was try to pop it thinking it was a pimple. It spread fast. I was in the clinic getting them burnt off with acid. It hurt like hell. But i wanted them gone. So embarassing. It got worse and worse. I was a smoker so maybe thats why they got worse. I ended up going out of town for a freezing treatment. It was cold but didnt hurt and didnt work. It got worse. The packet of cream they gave me didnt do a thing. I ended up going for surgury and getting them cut off. They just kept coming back. So finally now i just do home treatments with acid but its not working as well as it used to. Ive been hearing alot about ACV treatment. I think im going to try it out and see if that helps. That along with epsom salt baths and elderberry extract to boost immunity. I just want to feel normal and beautiful and not have to worry about this anymore. So fed up...

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What's the update


Table spoon castor oil, and table sooon baking soda( not the cooking one). Boost up your immune system, go vegan. Make sure your mixture turns into a paste. If it’s too liquid like, add more making soda. The texture should be somewhat like toothpaste. You want to paste it on the infected area and see it go away. Have regular check ups. Lord be with you, hope you heal

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