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Jon Snow

Puppy Name: Jon Snow
Breed: Shih Tzu
Type: Princess
Age: 3 Months and 20 Days

Problem: Severe Itching. I can't sleep right now and worried for him for having a severe itching.

Yesterday: We tough Jon Snow severe itching is just a cause of Fleas, so we decided to bath him and remove manually and fleas.

Earlier this day: We noticed that he is still having trouble scratching itching all over his body so we tough maybe there are sill lice or fleas left on his long hair, so we decided to groomed and full bald our puppy. And we take him to the vet right after the groomed for 5in1 Vaccine, and we asked the Vet for pimple like all over his body. Vet said after 7 days bring the puppy so I can skin scrape so we can determine what cause of the pimple like.

Now its 1:26AM here and I rushed to the nearest Drug Store to buy a Aloe Vera Gel. This product contains:
*Alcohol Denat
*Polysorbate 20
*Caprylyl Glycol
*Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice
*CI 19140
*CI 42090
This product was made by Banana Boat

I saw on the internet that this Aloe Vera can treat the itching. Although the user didn't mentioned the Brand or Name of the Product. I still bought and put some gel on the area of which he itch scratch the most. He lick alot on the area where I put the Gel.

Observation: Jon Snow is now sleeping on the normal position of sleep he always do.

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