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I used to get this constantly like you over and over again, strangly it stopped when i changed my pill, so just a thought if you are on the pill. Also it was recurrent bv so they did more tests and found out i had chlamadia, i had been with someone for 5 years at this point so it must have been from before then(unless he had been naughty), just thought i would mention it as when the chlamadia was treated the bv occured much less frequently

Yesterday 19:46 loveurslf

I think i might have found a cure!!!! not sure but i have had bv for 5yrs long yrs smh! i have tried every doctor prescribed and home remedy out there.. all big fails!!! i did alittle research and found out that it may be a hormone imbalance that is throwing off my ph balance witch gives me bv and y it keeps coming back time and time again... i found this out when i was wondering y i wasnt getting prego and hormone imbalance kinda made sense to me... well anyways back to bv i came across vitamin c witch i inserted right into my vagina warning! most women say it hurts or they get pinkish discharge for me it didnt hurt and i didnt get pink discharge i actually thought it would work after the first night because i woke up the next morning with no smell omg the best! BUT!! i still had discharge and alot of it like never ending! idk if it was my body trying to over clean itself because it had something up there but my excitement was short lived... i tried it for a week and same thing every day... then i thought maybe its too strong and one thing u dont wanna do is over do it just because u have it for yrs doesnt mean u need to over do it.. i tried to just take the vitamin c orally iv been taking it daily for about 5days no discharge no smell and i put it to the ultimate test i had sex! and yes after during and a day later still no smell no discharge!! its only been 5days so i will keep all of u posted of my results long term but i have hope im gonna keep taking it and also for my hormone imbalance im going to try and start taking agnus Castus its supposed to help with it so idk yet but i will start soon!

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