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Stranger Girl

I found out that i got GW from my boyfriend last 2 months,
i went to hospital and clinic to burn GW with electrocauter for 2 times alone without pain killer,that's really really hurt and it cost a lot of money. i thought my life is finish, i'm so scared and cried all the time. i was broke because of that kind of things, but i'm lucky that i found this website and i did what everyone said, now i'm free of GW.

ok here what i did to get rid of GW:
i use ACV but not the mother one cause i can't find that thing in my country so i just use other kind of ACV, i put cotton pads or tampon soak in ACV into my vagina everyday but not all the time and it's doesn't feel pain at all but when i use it outside vagina it's very burn so bad. stay strong guys i did it, you also can do it.

aloe vera Gel
i used aloe vera gel sometime when i still hurt outside of my vagina, i apply all over my vagina at night and i sleep with it.

I take a few kinds of vitamins every day to build up immune system and drink a lot of water as much as i can.

Tea tree oil and Epsom salt
put 3 or 4 spoon of epsom salt in to hot water with a lot of few drops of tea tree oil and soak yourself in. i did it 2 times per week,but if you have time you can do 3 or 4 times.

super hot water
i did soak all of my underwear into hot water for 5 mins. to kill all virus.

that's it, i hope this can help you to get rid of GW soon.

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