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Hello, I am 23year female. Diagnosed eith hpv for 6months now (recieved when I was raped but unfortunately I do not know if it was dormint for years) Two months ago I got my first GW, month following, I found 6more. I noticed an increase because I started smoking and drinking (was sober for 6months), assuming I weakend my immune. I am currently day 1 using ACV and I will be scheduling another papsmear this week, I will keep others updated like myself. I am also diagbosed bipolar, manic dep so it is hard to stay in great spirits especially knowing I can only TRY to beat GW and make HPV dormint but I have began working out and stopped driving so I have to walk everywhere, taking multivitmain, eating proteins, FISH and fresh veggies and fruits, smoking marijuana, as well as abstaining from alcohol and smoking nicotine. Looking forward to try co suming cocnut oil to help fight virus subside Inside. May god be with us all, with any virus <3

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