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I noticed some rather large lumps in my anus about a week ago when I took to the internet to figure what this could be. I read about hemorrhoids and anal warts. At first, I convinced myself it was just hemorrhoids, but looking into symptoms further, I realised it was not hemorrhoids but anal warts. Gah! I was so disgusted! I'm a 20 year old gay male, I have only ever had two partners, and have always used protection. I have read that condoms don't prevent the spread of HPV since it's transmitted through skin-to-skin contact, so no penetration is necessary to get warts. I didn't know what to do, or where to turn, I didn't want to go tot he doctor yet, I am in the process of finding a new one, and freezing treatments would be a last resort. Thankfully, I found this website, which had Apple Cider Vinegar [ACV] all over it, so I decided to try it out and see how it worked for me. It is only the second day, and I can say that this seems to be working, THANK GOD! My warts seem to have decreased in size, and changed from flesh colour to white/green/black! I used cotton-balls, ripped small pieces off and soaked in ACV, then inserted the cotton-ball into the very entrance of my anus where the warts were located. MY, OH MY! Does it burn like a bitch, at least for the first few minutes. It's not as bad as some say, doesn't linger all day afterwards like a real burn, but for the first few moments, it's crazy intense! I learned to enjoy the pain, 'cause it's helping to get these ANNOYING UGLY little suckers off of my body! This has been a very difficult time for me, as these warts make me very self-conscious, and just irritate in a way only someone who has had them would know about.

I really do think this method works, but do be careful. I left the swab in for about 1hr, and my anus developed some hemorrhoid-like protrusions, and made my buttocks-area very sensitive. Luckily I had some suppositories to ease the pain and swelling. Also, I have been using cornstarch to keep my buttock-area dry and rid of moisture. Will report back in about 2-3 days to update my wart's status. Be safe, don't be too ashamed, do some research on HPV and tell your sexual partners about HPV, especially if any of your sexual-partners start to show symptoms. About 30% of sexually-active adults have HPV, most don't even know about it! So really be calm, you're not alone :-)

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Hey can I see how bad yours were cause mine are like really big and I'm scared to use ACV on them

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