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I noticed some rather large lumps in my anus about a week ago when I took to the internet to figure what this could be. I read about hemorrhoids and anal warts. At first, I convinced myself it was just hemorrhoids, but looking into symptoms further, I realised it was not hemorrhoids but anal warts. Gah! I was so disgusted! I'm a 20 year old gay male, I have only ever had two partners, and have always used protection. I have read that condoms don't prevent the spread of HPV since it's transmitted through skin-to-skin contact, so no penetration is necessary to get warts. I didn't know what to do, or where to turn, I didn't want to go tot he doctor yet, I am in the process of finding a new one, and freezing treatments would be a last resort. Thankfully, I found this website, which had Apple Cider Vinegar [ACV] all over it, so I decided to try it out and see how it worked for me. It is only the second day, and I can say that this seems to be working, THANK GOD! My warts seem to have decreased in size, and changed from flesh colour to white/green/black! I used cotton-balls, ripped small pieces off and soaked in ACV, then inserted the cotton-ball into the very entrance of my anus where the warts were located. MY, OH MY! Does it burn like a bitch, at least for the first few minutes. It's not as bad as some say, doesn't linger all day afterwards like a real burn, but for the first few moments, it's crazy intense! I learned to enjoy the pain, 'cause it's helping to get these ANNOYING UGLY little suckers off of my body! This has been a very difficult time for me, as these warts make me very self-conscious, and just irritate in a way only someone who has had them would know about.

I really do think this method works, but do be careful. I left the swab in for about 1hr, and my anus developed some hemorrhoid-like protrusions, and made my buttocks-area very sensitive. Luckily I had some suppositories to ease the pain and swelling. Also, I have been using cornstarch to keep my buttock-area dry and rid of moisture. Will report back in about 2-3 days to update my wart's status. Be safe, don't be too ashamed, do some research on HPV and tell your sexual partners about HPV, especially if any of your sexual-partners start to show symptoms. About 30% of sexually-active adults have HPV, most don't even know about it! So really be calm, you're not alone :-)

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Hey Alé just saw your questions, I did the ACV tread my for 2 days straight, about 2 applications a day for at least 1.5-2hrs, left me raw and sore for a week or two, finally healing now. I have some warts inside my anus/rectum so I need to get on a treatment, I suggest you go see a doctor before the warts are gone so they can test it if necessary. Don't feel bad, I'm in this with you :-) like literally, I had warts in my ass I know how you feel. You will get over it, just eat healthy, it's hard I know but do it. No chips, no candies, if you can't go all the way at least tone down and eat lots of broccoli and Brussel sprouts, or Lima beans, if you have a blender make kale smoothies with lots of banana and pineapple, mango, Apple, etc.

If you don't have a primary care doctor, look into getting one, if you go to urgent care be demanding. It's scary, we're all scared, but they won't look thoroughly and stick a finger in to check around unless you say to. So it's weird but make sure you do, these suckers are no joke. If you need any more help let me know :-) be safe, do t worry! You're beautiful and young! This happens to a lot of people!


Don't put Apple Cider Vinegar in your anus. It will burn the skin and leave it raw and vulnerable to infections. Don't use Apple Cider Vinegar anywhere near the genitalia region.


No don't stick it in anus, just on anus. I was really amazed by how fast the external warts went away, but for internal warts you need surgery. Neosporin, neosporin, neosporin.


I'm going through something similar and having a hell time managing myself. Stuart, is it possible to talk or email? More of a private conversation!


Yes, definetly you can talk to me. My email address is Stuaaart @ live com


Went to a doctor, got scheduled for a cauterization of internal warts. Will report back once I have the operation. Cost ~$550US w/o insurance and excluding anesthesia... thank God for insurance, or I'd be done for. Can only hope this helps! :-) my external warts are gone it seems, doctor said he was very impressed he couldn't tell i ever had warts on the exterior!


Hi how can i contact you... I have some question.. Please


Hello. Would you mind showing me the pictures and walking me through the process?

I'm 22, I have them, and I want so badly to be rid of them. I've tried the treatment once before with no luck. With your help and photos though, I may be able to see what I wasn't doing correctly.


Hi, can I see there transition, I've started using it recently, but mine are large, does that affect the outcome


Hey there Stuart, is there a way you could share with me whether or not the warts came back? i am starting the process now and it sounds like we have comparable cases.

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