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I have the cure for the GH
Its carissa Edulis ,tea bag type you take it twice aday for 3 to 5 months and the virus will be killed for good

check amazon vcure and look for carissa edulis.fda wont approve it as a cure so we posted it as a supplement

Good diet while treating the GH would help cure you faster especially taking Vitamine D and Lycine
Also Baking Soda 1/2 tea spoon added to the 1/2 cup of water 3 times a day for coyple weeks help rid your body of the acid which is the virus perfect condition

God bless

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I don't have a comment but a question. I checked amazon but the tea bags are expensive, so i was wondering can i just use the baking soda and good diet and is there another type less expensive tea that will help?


This is ridiculous, you are a complete charlatan taking advantage of people's ignorance, desperation and shame. There is no cure for genital herpes and this 'tea bag' that they are recommending is no doubt expensive and full of normal tea leaves that you find on your local supermarket shelf. To claim that it also cures HIV and other such viruses just reinforces the fact that it's a sham!



Ok so after reading all these advertisements for these countless doctors who you all say have a cure for HSV, I am extremely desperate but extremely skeptical at the same time. If I had seen one post or more than one post with the same doctor's name then I would be more convinced that it may be true. Please don't post scams that only want people's money and not to truly help! People with HSV are desperate for a cure and it's pure evil to give false hope about a cure. What I can say is I've used olive leaf extract and at first it helped keep the outbreaks away but hen they came back and were the worse ones I've ever had. I just started to take red marine algae pills and I'm praying that helps. This virus is meaningless and just unforgiving! I hate it and I wish it never existed.



Hi there, I have been taking the Carissa edulis tea for three weeks now. I promise to post again when I am herpes tested at the end of June. Please google research on Carissa edulis.,..very high success rate. Don't dispair people, it will be ok.


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